Fire alarms and smoke detectors

Sadly most deaths caused by house fires happen in homes without fire alarms or smoke detectors and are therefore largely avoidable.

Working smoke alarms, also known as smoke detectors, provide early warnings, allowing you to tackle small problems such as overheating ovens, and to exit your home before a fire takes hold.

Landlords have been required by law to install smoke alarms in all their properties since October 2015, and it is good common sense to install smoke alarms in every property whether you rent it out or live there yourself.

All our smoke detectors comply with British and European safety standards. We advise you of the best place to put the different types of alarms to detect smoke and heat, and avoid unnecessary false alarms that can occur if detectors are situated too near to heat sources.

We also install fire alarms in residential and commercial properties.

Call us to advise on the future safety of your home or premise.